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6 Hours Per Day
4 Different Styles

Dance Your Life!

La Technique Acogny
Contemporary African Dance

Taught by Omi Davis, MFA, PhD, Germaine Acogny's Modern African Dance Technique is a fusion of West African dances, ballet and Martha Graham Technique. Omi's class integrates Acogny Technique with her own contemporary dance style.

Dances of Cote d'Ivoire

Enjoy the explosive flavor and funk of traditional dances noted for their fast footwork and infectious rhythms. Get ready to sweat, sing and LOVE the dance with the accomplished Bertand Saky!

Dances of Senegal: SABAR

Mamadou Balde, who hails from St. Louis, Senegal, teaches Sabar dance! Sabar is the national dance of Senegal, and it's adored for its staccato rhythms and intricate choreographies. His smooth style and clean technique will make a Sabar lover out of you!

African Urban Dances

Everybody loves the swag and rhythm of today’s popular Afrobeat music…well now you can learn to dance to your favorite Nigerian, Ghanaian and Ivorian tunes. Come learn some moves that you can take home and show off at your next party!

Nourish Your
Body & Mind

  • LIVE WELL - For two weeks live at Théatre d l'Engouement, a Timbuktu-style artists’ residence in the coastal village of Toubab Dialaw, 55 kilometers from Senegal's capital city, Dakar. Wake up each day to the sounds of the forest, and eat delicious Senegalese cuisine prepared by our own cooks and grown locally. 
  • RELAX - L'Engouement is situated on the outskirts of Toubab Dialaw village, a quiet community far away from the noise and bustle of city life. Walk to the beach and swim in the Atlantic or enjoy the pool in between or after classes. Hang out in the hammocks and daydream. Feel the energy of the baobabs during one early morning meditative walk to the forest of baobabs. Explore your creative inspirations on the ampitheatre stage—choreograph, write or make music during off hours.
  • ENJOY GREAT FOOD - All meals are prepared with locally-grown produce—free of chemicals and preservatives. Vegetarian options will be provided. Eat delicious Senegalese cuisine and enjoy in-season fruits and vegetables.

Cultural Immersion


This workshop is unique in that it offers more than dance training; you will plunge into the heart of Senegalese culture. Wolof class are held every morning, so come ready to learn basic greetings and conversations in the most commonly spoken language of Senegal. 

Meet and greet! The first Saturday is spent getting to know a local family, and the second Saturday we travel to Goree Island in Dakar, where we will visit La Maison des Esclaves—the fortress where enslaved Africans were held just prior to being shipped out to the Americas. Additional events include nightly gatherings with local artists and a market day.


Meet Our Team 

Omi Davis, MFA, PhD

Organizer, Instructor

Bertrand Saky


Mamadou Balde


Wati Bo'Goss



$1500 covers all program fees and ground transportation.

Follow our installment plan or pay monthly. Airfare not included.


$250 due at the time of registration.


$425 due by
March 31, 2024.



Remainder due by
May 1, 2024.


Contact us for fundraising assistance or payment arrangements.

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